My Typing Tools

Level up your typing skills with my online tool:

My latest edition of Keyzen MAB measures your typing performance on n-grams using an English language corpus. N-grams are chosen after each word using the dynamic thompson sampling algorithm. Weaker n-grams will be shown as much as necessary to minimize regret (time spent practicing n-grams you are already good at). Initially each n-gram has a uniform probability distribution function. This changes with practice so bad n-grams are practiced appropriately. The dynamic component of thompson sampling ensures that older n-gram practice instances are weighted less than newer ones, ensuring that your improvements in n-gram speed are captured in the underlying statistical model of each n-gram.

NOTE: These tools will not work on mobile. They were developed for use with laptops and desktop monitors. However, you can override the block if you are using a small display by zooming out.

Due to the way Thompson sampling works you bad n-grams are in play immediately after one trial so there is a good change of encountering your bad n-grams again after a few dozen or a hundred when you are starting from scratch. The beginning is always daunting because there is so much discovery that needs to occur before a decent estimate of your brain to hand connection can be built.

To reduce the risk of data loss, switch between keyboard layouts, or if you want to sync between computers I added a database import and export button.

The source code is available on Github